From Unhealthy To Healthy: Tips & Tricks

rice serving

Let’s face it.

People are becoming more conscious with their health nowadays. The only problem? People are only becoming more conscious, but not more actious. People are also only becoming more aware, but not more active.

But you know what?

You don’t need to be more conscious just to get more actious. You don’t need to be more aware just to get more active. You only need to be more willing, as well as more patient to keep yourself healthy and more determined to keep yourself fit.


Here are some tips and tricks:

Eat often and less, but don’t eat seldom and nothing.

While most people think that eating seldom and nothing is a great way to keep themselves in shape, it’s not exactly the case. A tip? Eat often and less, but don’t eat seldom and nothing. Eating often and less will lead to more chances – some of which are healthier than others and could be more encouraged. Eating seldom and nothing will only lead to more complications – some of which are deadlier than others and could have been prevented.

Cut back on what you’re used to.

This may be hard at first, but your body will thank you later for cutting back on what you’re used to. A trick? Interrogate yourself until you get tired of answering your own questions and you get tired of convincing yourself to eat what you want. Say, you’re used to eating more cups of rice than the usual recommended serving of 1/2 cup. Next, ask yourself this question whenever you get this craving: How much rice in a serving do I really need? Then, ask yourself this question while struggling with this craving: Do I really need it? Repeat until you get tired of asking yourself, as well as convincing yourself.

Do you know any other tips and tricks when changing from unhealthy to healthy? Let us know in the comments section below and discuss more about it!